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Can quartz stone be applied to the ground?

- Sep 19, 2018 -

Can quartz stone be applied to the ground?

Quartz stone has been favored by everyone since it entered the market. It is widely used in countertops, window sills, test benches, commercial tables and other countertops. Quartz stone as a national new environmentally friendly decorative material has also been used by many designers in their own works. Nowadays, many high-end hotels and hotels are also the preferred quartz stone for wall and floor decoration materials. And often the problem is on the ground, and many grounds will have serious deformation and tilting problems after use. How to solve such problems is a headache for many people. Many well-known quartz stone manufacturers can solve this kind of problem.

The thickness of quartz stone commonly found on the market today is 08, 12, 15mm. Now many people buy 15mm quartz stone for paving, but the thickness of quartz stone on the ground is 20 or 25mm. A misunderstanding that everyone entered. In addition, it is also a misunderstanding to choose the traditional tile laying method (using cement slurry for pasting) during construction. Quartz stone is made of 93% quartz sand and 7% resin. The chemical properties of the resin are weakly alkaline, while the chemical properties of cement are acidic. Under certain conditions, the acid and alkali will play a certain chemical reaction 2H+ + OH- = H2O. When such a condition occurs, the floor will be separated from the ground.

Quartz stone is used as the material for the ground and the countertop. It can be purchased on the market and used as a countertop processing board. Since the ground use varies in thickness and formulation, the price is much higher than normal. In the construction, you can not use the traditional tile paste method. Before the construction, you should first level the ground with high standards, find professional construction workers (only domestic brand manufacturers have professional construction teams), and use quartz stone special glue for pasting.